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Want to start a non-profit? Here are 5 tips

3 months ago By racing2endalz

Phil Frengs, the founder of Racing to End Alzheimer’s was featured in an interview with Authority Magazine as part of their thought leadership series. Here’s an excerpt.   “What are 5 things a person should know before starting a nonprofit?”   It’s mentally consuming. Once you get the idea, there is so much to think […]

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Sleep as a predictor of Alzheimer’s disease

What would you do if you knew how long you had until Alzheimer’s set in? Neuroscientists Matthew


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Is High Blood Pressure a Factor in Dementia?

MRI scans may detect early signs of brain damage caused by high blood pressure, say researchers.


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touching poem from a supporter

Jim Hatcher was an early supporter of Racing to End Alzheimer’s. Last season he wrote a poem