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Your gift is matched. And 100% goes to our charity partners.

Welcome! Racing to End Alzheimer’s gives you a chance to honor someone with dementia who championed you and made a difference in your life. When you add your loved one’s name to our race car, 100% of your donation goes to fund the care and the cure for Alzheimer’s disease. And it’s matched by our generous racing sponsor, Legistics! If you sign up now, your loved one’s name will be on board all season long. So please have a look around…and join us!


So many ways you can help

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Remembrance Wristbands

  • 2 custom wristbands with honoree's name
  • Wall of Champions photo and bio
  • Legistics matches every donation
  • 100% goes to our charities
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"Take the Ride" Sponsorship

  • 1 name on our racecar for the rest of the season
  • 2 custom wristbands with honoree's name
  • Wall of Champions photo and bio
  • Legistics matches every donation
  • 100% goes to our charities

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Turbo Sponsorship

  • Your Champion's name on our racecar for the rest of the season
  • Sponsor a less fortunate caregiver's name, too
  • Wall of Champions photos and bios
  • Legistics matches every donation!
  • 100% goes to our charities
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About Alzheimer’s

About Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s afflicts 5.8 million Americans and over 50 million people worldwide, with tragic consequences for the individuals, families and societies grappling with its devastating effects.

A degenerative brain disease, Alzheimer’s currently has no cure. However, enormous progress is being made toward understanding the nature and mechanisms of the disease; formulating new treatments and diagnostics; and providing effective and compassionate support for overwhelmed caregivers. Every day brings new hope.

These promising new developments deserve our urgent, full-throttle help. The non-profit Racing to End Alzheimer’s Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness and funds for the cutting edge research, treatment and support services that will end the scourge of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia once and for all.



Funding the care. Funding the cure.

For 2021, our donations will be split among three deserving organizations.

Nantz National Alzheimer Center at Houston Methodist is vigorously pursuing cutting-edge research aimed at delaying the progression of the disease or stopping its course.

UCLA Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care Program provides much-needed care for families of dementia sufferers.

Baycrest Foundation provides care, education and innovation, and is one of the most research-intensive hospitals in Canada.

100% of the money we raise is matched by Legistics and goes to our worthy charity partners.

Won’t you please add your donation now?

Over the past four years, we’ve raised over $300,000 and grown our Facebook fan base to almost 18,000 followers.

If you’re one of them, we’re truly grateful to you for helping spread the word and keeping this cause vibrant.

Now we’re asking you to get back into action as we celebrate our fifth season!

Use #r2endalz on Facebook and Instagram. Tell your friends. And donate whatever you can afford. Every dollar is matched. Every penny goes to the cause.

Let’s make Racing to End Alzheimer’s an even bigger success again this year!


About the race team

Nick Galante was half of the team that won the championship in 2016, and he did it again in 2018. That winning racing team — BimmerWorld — is back this year, pairing Nick with driver/owner James Clay who captured the drivers’ championship in TC America last year. Backed up by a seasoned and unflappable crew, and supported by Legistics and Optima, our BMW M4 GT4 is a strong contender in this year’s SRO GT4 America series. Follow the team’s exploits here.