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Racing into 2024

Posted on: December 5, 2023

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Overhead view of the No.43 Porsche on track at Rennsport Reunion

This year has been a banner one for Racing to End Alzheimer’s. With some 220 names of loved ones on our car and a championship under our belt, we’re looking forward to an exciting 2024!

We will be racing with MDK Motorsports again next year. Winning Am class driver and team owner Mark Kvamme has been phenomenally supportive at every turn. His enthusiasm for the cause has been unflagging. His grandfather’s name is proudly displayed on the Porsche, along with that of his good friend Jack Hanna (who courageously announced in 2022 that he’s suffering from Alzheimer’s disease), and MDK ambassador and Formula 1 racer Kevin Magnussen’s grandfather Erik. The whole MDK team has been a joy to work with and we’re thrilled to continue next season.

Kevin Magnussen and Mark Kvamme point to names of loved ones on the No. 43 Porsche
Drivers Kevin Magnussen and Mark Kvamme point to names of their grandfathers on the No. 43 Porsche

A million-dollar milestone

We are about to hit a major milestone: by year’s end we will have raised over $1 million to support research and family care for this dreaded disease — one that will affect more and more people as our population ages. Fortunately, there are promising areas of research opening up that point to the possibility of slowing the progress of the disease and perhaps even preventing it. And in the meantime, more families will need better ways to cope with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Phil Frengs with our tribute car.
Phil Frengs with the Tribute Car, covered in names. Cool, right?

Thinking ahead

If you can donate now for 2024, you’ll see your loved one’s name on our car all next season. But they will also ride with us on our Tribute Car, which will be touring the country at events before the new season even starts. In addition, you’ll get a set of Racing to End Alzheimer’s wristbands embossed with your loved one’s name.

Your contribution will be matched dollar for dollar. Not a penny goes toward racing, or even marketing and administrative costs. All of it goes to our beneficiaries: Nantz National Alzheimer Center and UCLA’s Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Program so they can continue their stellar, internationally-recognized work.

If someone you care about currently has — or has passed on from — Alzheimer’s or other dementia, why not honor them in this utterly unique way in 2024?

You’ll get an early tax deduction, sure. But more than that, you’ll make a difference.