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The COPi Cup inspires a different kind of charity

Posted on: May 22, 2024

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Mark Caplow adds his dad's name to our car at the COPi Cup tournament

Our founder Phil just can’t stop. He also runs the COPi Cup, a charity golf tournament in beautiful Pebble Beach that raises money for scholarships. Young men and women who’ve participated consistently in the Southern California Golf Association’s Junior Golf program can get a shot at college. Many are the first in their families to attend.

These kids help other younger golfers learn the game, learn sportsmanship, learn discipline, and learn that golf isn’t just for rich people. And that it’s about much more than winning.

What does that have to do with Alzheimer’s?

Mark Caplow has been a COPi Cup participant for years. Now he’s helping us fund Alzheimer’s research and family care. 

We took our Tribute Car — covered with the same names that are on our race car — up to the tournament to show the players what we’ve been up to. And, right then and there, Mark pulled out his phone and added his father Elliott to our car for 2024.

Phil matched his donation, just as he does everyone else’s. And together, Phil and Mark will support the cutting-edge work of the Nantz National Alzheimer Center and UCLA’s innovative Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care program.

Every dollar goes to the cause. Not a cent to the racing program.

If this moves you as it did Mark, we hope you’ll consider adding a nam — or perhaps becoming a matching sponsor yourself. 

If you do, 6.5 million Americans will say thank you. And so will we.