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Want to start a non-profit? Here are 5 tips

Posted on: June 15, 2021

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Racing to end Alzheimer's founder Phil Frengs

Phil Frengs, the founder of Racing to End Alzheimer’s was featured in an interview with Authority Magazine as part of their thought leadership series. Here’s an excerpt.


“What are 5 things a person should know before starting a nonprofit?”


  1. It’s mentally consuming. Once you get the idea, there is so much to think about. How do I do it? Who will be interested? Who can I partner with? It seems to me that you have to start with the big idea, and then be willing to re-imagine it before you get there.


  1. It’s hard. I had what I thought was a good idea. I thought it would be embraced by everyone I talked to. With starts and stops, I found that while some may like the idea, getting their support, their willingness to act doesn’t happen just because you have a good idea. It’s easier to say no than yes.


  1. It’s lonely. Get partners. Collaboration is a good thing. Different takes, different thoughts, different influences help you redefine your purpose, refine your messaging and keep you focused.


  1. It doesn’t stop. You don’t get days off. Once you commit, it’s on you to keep up. You put the message out there, and you don’t know when someone is going to get it. But when they do, they want your attention. It’s your commitment. You have to live up to it.

  1. It’s so rewarding. We don’t all get the opportunity to find an audience, to share our vision. I’m constantly grateful that I can connect with people nationwide, and even worldwide, all because we have the same interest. To care for those we love, to remember those who have been our champions, and to create a better world, a world without Alzheimer’s. It makes this work so well worth it.


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