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Why we are Racing to End Alzheimer’s

Posted on: August 24, 2021

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Founder Phil Frengs with Racing to End Alzheimer's car

Racing to End Alzheimer’s founder, Phil Frengs, was invited to share his story with Alzheimer’s News Today.

Phil Frengs is on a coast-to-coast mission to raise money and awareness for Alzheimer’s disease, always thinking of, and honoring, his wife Mimi, who was diagnosed with the condition in November 2013.

Frengs, the president and CEO of Legistics, which specializes in document support services for law firms, is a racing aficionado,. His company sponsors race cars and emblazons its logo on the hood of racing BMWs.

As he was on the track one day, “the little light went off,” said Frengs. “Any sort of a race car is covered with company logos, because that’s who pays the bills. What would happen if we turned racing around a little bit?” And, thus, Racing to End Alzheimer’s, which puts the names of people affected by Alzheimer’s on the race car’s livery, was born.

Since its start in 2017, and through the end of the last racing season, the organization has raised $400,000 for Alzheimer’s research and care. The funds have been split between the Nantz National Alzheimer Center at Houston Methodist, in Texas, and the UCLA Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Program, in California, where Frengs’ wife underwent advanced diagnostics after her diagnosis.

“It’s very easy to feel helpless because there’s no happy ending to this disease,” Frengs said. “By having this interest and this ability to be with people on a regular basis and to have the racing be something that’s doing good in and around the disease is actually very fulfilling.”

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