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Record your tribute

Posted on: March 26, 2020

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How to record on your phone

  1. Be sure you have a voice recording app installed on your phone. (You probably do.) iPhones come with the Voice Memos app. Android phones can use the Voice Recorder app, which also may have come pre-installed on your phone.
    1. Here’s a detailed description for Android users.
    2. Here’s a detailed description for iPhone users.
  2. Go to our Wall of Champions page and click on your Champion’s photo.
  3. Read your tribute into your phone, just like you were making a phone call and talking to a friend. No need to talk loudly; just your normal voice will sound fine.
    1. HINT: You can also hold the phone with the mic (usually at the bottom of the phone) pointed toward you. But don’t put it directly in front of your mouth or you’ll blow air into it when you say sounds like “p” and “t” and that’s distracting. Holding it about 4 inches below your mouth should work better.
    2. HINT: if you want to sound really great, print out the text and walk over to any clothes closet, open the door, and read facing toward the clothes. They’ll absorb almost all of the room echo and make you sound like a pro!
  4. Listen to your recording and feel free to re-do it if you don’t like it.
  5. When you’re happy, share it with us. The simplest way might be to email the file directly to You can also use Dropbox, Box, iCloud, or any other file transfer system, then shoot us the link via email so we can go get it.
  6. Pat yourself on the back and know that your Champion would be proud of you!