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My Champion: My Father, Dr. Alan Singer

Posted on: March 24, 2020

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My Champion: My Dad, Dr. Alan Singer

By Meredith Singer-Moreadith

Dr. Alan Singer lived by the belief that “we are our brother’s keeper.” This maxim would be reflected across his entire life.

Dr. Alan Singer

Dr. Alan Singer was always ready to help, 24/7.

Born in Washington DC in 1942, Dr. Singer grew up an only child to working class parents. Music, theater, and reading were his passions; he would later say that “listening to music was a spiritual experience,” says daughter Meredith. “He loved jazz, classical, and showtunes, especially Gershwin, and as a child learned how to play the accordion.”

Taking care of others

He would put those music lessons to good use during high school, earning a little bit of money performing at bar mitzvahs. During summers, he also taught swimming and worked as a lifeguard. But, because DC was segregated at the time, as a Jew he was denied entry at many of the city’s pools and couldn’t get near any of the tony country clubs.

Coming of age in the early 60’s, Dr. Singer marched for civil rights and an end to the Vietnam War. This is not to say he was a card-carrying member of the counterculture; rather it was simply his credo “we are our brother’s keeper” that guided him.

In reality, Dr. Singer was pretty clean cut. He wore a suit and tie every day and, while he had early dreams of becoming a conductor, medical school was the more practical path. He began his career in public health and would later not only teach at Georgetown Medical School but build a private practice by conducting house calls and being available to his patients 24/7, fulfilling a dream that his own father had for his only son.

Then Alzheimer’s crept in

Dr. Singer was first diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2012. “My father was self-sufficient. He never asked anyone for anything, as a child or adult,” says Meredith. A short four years later, in October of 2016, he would pass.

The Singer-Moreadith Family Clan

“Regardless of your status or level of achievement, Alzheimer’s doesn’t discriminate who it ravages,” says son-in-law Edward Moreadith, who competes in the American Endurance Racing (AER) series. Edward first heard about Racing to End Alzheimer’s through Bimmerworld and the BMWCCA. He brought this to his wife’s attention and, together, they felt it would be a wonderful way to honor and respect Dr. Singer. “My father was a big believer in education. I think he would like this,” says Meredith.

Dr. Alan Singer, Champion

Dr. Alan Singer is Racing to End Alzheimer’s all season long

We are grateful to the Singer-Moreadith Family for sharing their story with us.

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