A season of change

Dear supporters:

You may know by now that the race scheduled for this week at Sebring has been delayed until November because of the Coronavirus pandemic. And we’ve recently learned that the race at Mid-Ohio, originally scheduled for early May, has been delayed as well.

While all of us are focused on COVID-19, families coping with Alzheimer’s continue to struggle. Older people are at higher risk, and dementia can make even simple hand-washing a challenge. Caregivers need to keep themselves healthy, too. Here’s a post on our Facebook page that addresses that issue.

Meanwhile, the fight continues — as it must. We are looking forward, not backward. It will take time, but we will recover from the virus. As a community. As a nation. As a planet. And Alzheimer’s will still be here.

We send our gratitude for your support, and our sincere hope that you and your family remain safe and healthy.

Thank you.

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