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Fresh Tires: Tearing Out of the Offseason Pit Stop

Posted on: January 12, 2023

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As the green flag waves on 2023, the Racing to End Alzheimer’s team is looking ahead to our seventh racing season with unbridled hope and anticipation. This season promises to be unlike any other, complete with a brand-new car, a promising new partnership and a world-class racing series. MDK Motorsports, an organization that prides itself on excellence in all things racing, has partnered with Racing to End Alzheimer’s to don our beloved purple livery in the Porsche Carrera Cup.

For Racing to End Alzheimer’s, this new opportunity offers a fresh outlook even as it continues to center on the work that undergirds everything we do. Seven years ago, Racing to End Alzheimer’s was little more than an idea, but with each passing season and each name added to our livery, we can feel momentum build. Thanks to you and your loved ones, another season is upon us. We couldn’t be more excited, and we hope you are too.

Cars ready for the first Porsche Carrera Cup North America 2021

The Series

Now in its third year, the Carrera Cup North America is professional motorsports at its absolute finest. The single-make nature of the series means that all drivers will be competing in the same Porsches. No team will be able to hide behind varied vehicle performance or friendly weather conditions. On a level playing field, victories are earned strictly through skill, strategy and track savvy. It’s a form of racing that minimizes distractions and pits the best against the best. Luckily for Racing to End Alzheimer’s, our partner and driver Mark Kvamme is the cream of the crop. More on him later.

At least as exciting as its on-track potential, the Carrera Cup provides a unique opportunity to participate in some of the most renowned race weekends on the planet. The list of venues is nothing short of legendary: 12 Hours of Sebring in March, Long Beach Grand Prix in April, Miami Formula 1 in May and NASCAR at Road America in July. Because the Carrera Cup is one of the support races of each of these massive main events, it is not limited to the schedule of any one series. As a result, the season will play out week after week at the best venues NASCAR, Formula 1, IndyCar and IMSA have to offer. Racing paradise.

The Opportunity

We here at Racing to End Alzheimer’s consider this a moment for unbounded optimism. With plenty of high-speed action and an incredible amount of exposure to come, we can’t help but feel positive. This year, the names of your loved ones will adorn a powerful Porsche seen by racing fans from all over the world. Our livery, an expression of love and honor to those whose lives have been affected by this disease, will circle the track in sixteen races, six more than last year. In each of those races, an international audience will be watching, their eyes glued to the blur of purple that is Racing to End Alzheimer’s/MDK.

In 2023, Racing to End Alzheimer’s will be on a bigger stage than it has ever been before. Now’s the time to add a name to the car for 2023, and be part of this exhilarating journey.