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Heather Anne Freedman

Posted on: July 20, 2022

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Portrait of Heather Anne Freedman

Born in to a military family from Newcastle in northern England in 1942, grew up in various towns on the South Coast where her father was based, an area that was her greatest love and final home in England before emigrating to the US in 1986 when the family transferred due to employment repositioning.

Mother of 2 girls and a boy and subsequently 5 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.

A classically trained pianist who played most days at home, a natural when making clothes for herself and children that continued with grandchildren, loved designing décor for her many homes, an extremely competent painter and decorator as well as an able carpenter taught by her very skilled father. Extremely competent cook capable of self-catering a 60-guest garden wedding for her daughter, making the wedding dress and matching bridesmaid’s outfits, along with annual Christmas celebrations for similar numbers at home every year.

Never happier than when working in the garden with her beloved dogs around her which she was never without throughout her childhood and the rest of her life.

Tall and elegant at a very young age as a result of being trained to model clothes at the age of 17, studied piano and Ballet in London schools as a child.

Her working life was spent with the British Inland Revenue offices in both Newcastle and Eastbourne before moving to the US.

Became President of the local Propellor Club in Beaumont, Texas, supporting the wives of Mariners, the family occupation.

Heather loved to travel and visited more than 30 counties worldwide

Married for 61 years before sadly succumbing to Alzheimer’s and passing into the hands of God in 2021, 7 years after having a mini-stroke.